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I'm kinda of proud of myself.

Ya know, I'm usually just a writer of fanfiction and I only done like a few original writings that was mostly for school.


I actually have two plots for a original premise(although, I wouldn't be surprised if parts of the ideas or the full ideas have already been written by someone else. mrh.) now.

The two plot summaries(and wee, attempts not to spoiler everything about the plot!)

Numo Uno:
It has been many years since the god of dark and his guardians have been killed by the goddess of light's guardians and some heroes before he could intermanted(spell it wrong damnit! >.<) his plan to destroy the world.

At least... that what 'they' said.

The good races of world thought with the dark god dead and them hunting down the monster races that peace will be theirs.

....They were wrong.

Alas, the peace the world did get didn't last long before it come clear that the world has began to tear it's self a part and nameless evils began to wake from their deep slumber.

A blind outcast of the light goddess's priest order has find their fate intertwined with a child. ...what does that mean for the world? Who knows? well... i know. ;d

Numo Duo(?):
....honestly, this one I didn't give much thought on, because I'm more tempt to do the above one.

Pretty much, the forces of good beat a force(or god, i dunno.) of evil and seal his butt.

...And then after awhile, a greater force(or god or goddess) of evil wakes from it's own seal or slumber... or something like that.

The lesser evil was unsealed(and 'bonded' to someone on the side of good.) and was send against the greater evil.


It would be interesting to build a world up from scratch. XD

*crack knuckles* Well. Time to figure out names and races, methinks.


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