I wonder how many are going to be Gen... (a few probably. lol)

...or how many will have Liu Chan.

warriorslash 50 challenge
— STARTED 09/13/2008
— FINISHED xx/xx/xx ( so going to be awhile before I finish this, I bet. oy.)

001. all things to all men
002. amputation of pride
003. beliefs
004. blunt
005. clouded judgement
006. crush
007. curse
008. danger danger
009. do you believe in magic?
010. enemy camp
011. epiphany
012. favouritism
013. fight or flight
014. fighting blindly
015. fruit
016. Go
017. gold
018. goodbye
019. heart's armour
020. in case we die
021. incredibly incredulous
022. it started off like any other tea ceremony
023. it's funnier when you're drunk
024. it's not funny at all!
025. it's only a flesh wound

026. let me be your weapon
027. music
028. once under a red moon
029. our spirits are officially broken
030. perhaps
031. poetry
032. point of access
033. primitive
034. scandal
035. sharp blade, sharp mind
036. the stars are talking to me
037. the way I see it
038. this is why I'm the strategist
039. time? don't give me "give me time"!
040. tomorrow might be another day
041. tooth and nail
042. when push comes to shove
043. wine/whine
044. you will die and I will take over
045. you will never get to heaven if you break my heart
046. author's/artist's choice
047. author's/artist's choice
048. author's/artist's choice
049. author's/artist's choice
050. author's/artist's choice
[Game of Thrones] Jon and his wolf.

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and hah! I remember what meme I still had to do from long time ago, I just need stop being lazy and find it. >_>


Questions from hinata_chan1994

Comment with "bring it on!" and:
• I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
• Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
• Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions (but only if you want to).

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[PW PhoenixMiles] 'AHHHHH' hug of Manlin

*dusts off the cobwebs on the journal*

...damn, it's been awhile, huh?

*shrug* shit. i had a meme that i forgot to do. oys *tries to remember what meme it was*

~* America/England Friending Meme *~

holy shit. i actually did one of these memes. *waves at all the new friends from the meme*

Alright, guys. Pleasure to meet ya all, I'm Renuki. :D If I actually do post anything on my journal, it's usually memes and fics. Sometimes games/fanfiction ideas and thoughts/arts/whatever else.

...once in awhile I get into a posting kick, but usually it's posts here and there.

And I'm a lurker mostly. ...which is funny cause in real life? If I start talking it's hard for me to finally shut up. ....why am I Canada online while like America in real life!? WHY!?

But I will comment, just might not be that much. (Well... I do have better luck commenting on fics, even if it takes awhile. *has so many fic firefox tabs that sometimes she forgets she even has them up until she runs into the tab later*


And I'm a bit crazy. (And sometimes I ramble.... and ramble. >_> )

*takes a mini bow*

(Also, I will sometimes disappear and then reappearing after awhile. >_>)

[Game of Thrones] Jon and his wolf.

*attempts to fire off fireworks*

Happy New Year to everyone!

Hope the new year will be nice to ya! :D

And I'm just going to try to resolution not doing any ANOTHER new years resolutions. :P


Maybe resolution actually keeping my weight down. Hrm.
[Game of Thrones] Jon and his wolf.

[Fanfiction AU] On the Wings of Fortune

Title: On the Wings of Fortune.
Fandom: Star Trek AU
Pairing: Jim/Spock
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1015-ish
Warning:  None? well, it might be sucky.
Summary: This tells the story how the smuggler met the ambassador's son. With add Christmas favor! :D Written for ksadvent 

Author's Note: Oh god.

This story just didn't wanna to work with me for so long and thus alas I didn't get a chance to do all what I wanted. (And eek. Really, really short! D: ) so many series of fails come with this fic. D: at least this won't cause any eye bleeding. XD I think.

*will not break down, will noot* (oops. I forgot the rest of the bridge crew, Scotty and Bones. *headdesk*

and I will write a story to this 'verse where kid!Picard show up, this I swear. :|

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[Game of Thrones] Jon and his wolf.

I'm kinda of proud of myself.

Ya know, I'm usually just a writer of fanfiction and I only done like a few original writings that was mostly for school.


I actually have two plots for a original premise(although, I wouldn't be surprised if parts of the ideas or the full ideas have already been written by someone else. mrh.) now.

The two plot summaries(and wee, attempts not to spoiler everything about the plot!)

Numo Uno:
It has been many years since the god of dark and his guardians have been killed by the goddess of light's guardians and some heroes before he could intermanted(spell it wrong damnit! >.<) his plan to destroy the world.

At least... that what 'they' said.

The good races of world thought with the dark god dead and them hunting down the monster races that peace will be theirs.

....They were wrong.

Alas, the peace the world did get didn't last long before it come clear that the world has began to tear it's self a part and nameless evils began to wake from their deep slumber.

A blind outcast of the light goddess's priest order has find their fate intertwined with a child. ...what does that mean for the world? Who knows? well... i know. ;d

Numo Duo(?):
....honestly, this one I didn't give much thought on, because I'm more tempt to do the above one.

Pretty much, the forces of good beat a force(or god, i dunno.) of evil and seal his butt.

...And then after awhile, a greater force(or god or goddess) of evil wakes from it's own seal or slumber... or something like that.

The lesser evil was unsealed(and 'bonded' to someone on the side of good.) and was send against the greater evil.


It would be interesting to build a world up from scratch. XD

*crack knuckles* Well. Time to figure out names and races, methinks.
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