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On the Wings of Fate I ride

Although, my journey may be hard I shall never stray.

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The sightly crazy Paladin
8 May 1989
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  • Komachi Ayako

Crazy/silly, immature sometimes, loves trying to be helpful, lazy, actually manage to NOT show my short temper on the internet mostly, loves video games, and online games.

Has a habit of getting stuck into do one thing when others need to be done.

Get ideas for fanfics that may or may not get to see the light of day, and has a habit of thinking/doing crossovers that may not should have been thought of OR written.

Had thought that the world might end before she finish a mult-chapter fic. (Maybe it won't. XD)

Don't update much, and when it happens, it usually either her rambling or memes.

Current Fandoms: Hitman Reborn, Soul Eater, Tengen, Warrior Orochi, Dynasty Warrior and Transformer-ish. Oh, and Bleach(And Naruto...and One Piece, with reminds me, I should catch up with One Piece. XD (..and...I guess Naruto.)).

Fandoms that are old and I still lurk around in sometimes: Dragon Ball Z and Inuyasha.

Fandoms that I barely watch anything for and let am lurking: Ranma ½, Neon Evangelion, Slayers and Code Geass.

'Something' Fandoms: Blue Seed, Hoshin Engi, Black Cat, SD Gundam: Force...or something like that, Megas XLR, Vandread, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, and Teen Titans.

Fandoms that I WANT to watch/read: ....Slayers and Code Geass. XD

Pairings: I have a lot, but here is some: Vegeta/Bulma(DBZ), Zuko/Katara(Avatar.), Iroh/Jun(Avatar.), Shikamaru/Temari(Naruto.) Choji/Ino(Naruto.), Miroku/Sango(Inuyasha), Inuyasha/Kagome(Inuyasha), Ichigo/Rukia(Bleach), Ulquiorra/Orihime(Bleach.), Aang/Toph(Avatar).

Characters: Again, I have a lot, but here some: Frog(Chrono Trigger.), Bardock (DBZ), ..Aizen(Bleach), Lambo(Reborn!), Magus(Chrono Trigger.), JIRAIYA!(Naruto.), Yue Ying(DW.), Naruto(....naruto.), Chrome(Reborn), Zhou Tai(DW.), Date Masamune(SW.), Nobunaga Oda(SW), and ooothers! :D

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...oh god, lawl. XD

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Made by snowyowl131 BOOOYEAH. XD

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Zangetsu x Shirayuki is pointy and sharp black & white love.

Thanks to kawaii_madoushi!

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Prince Zuko is Angsty Love
Made by dharmavati

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Uncle Iroh is Pimptastic Love
Made by dharmavati

*Calmly points to who made it* Credit goes to dharmavati.

Credit goes to makeitsimple1oo. ...what, it was amusing. XD
aizen/world (why not?), bleach, chocolate!!!, chrono cross, chrono trigger, cid highwind/shera, computers, frog, gai, glenn/leena, ichigo, ichigo/rukia, ikkaku/nemu, isshin, jiraiya, mega man(in sense.), nanao/shunsui, naruto, one piece, orihime/ishida, renji/tatsuki, rock lee/orihime, shaman king, videogames, webcomices, yamamoto genryuusai, zangetsu, zhen ji/cao pi, zoah, zoah/orhla, zuko/katara

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